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Originally Posted by jonesboy
All that is of the mind. Some of it you like more than others but it is all mind.

A real guru takes you beyond concepts.[/QU]

Good luck with sorting out who are the real gurus from mind created characteristics. Meanwhile you can always just evaluate the words and ideas wherever you encounter them, from so called gurus or not:)

It's not hard.

A real guru can touch your mind, bring deep silence and energy to help one let go of issues.

For instance a person recently reached out to me because she was suffering daily panic attacks that would last 5 hours every night.

A couple of days of working with my friend and she no longer has panic attacks.

He didn't tell her how to live, what to do, didn't tell her to start doing any particular practices. He shared his presence.

It is that type of presence, when one feels the heart open and love pores forth that one knows.

A real guru shares grace, not words or concepts or dictates.
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