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Originally Posted by Jyotir
Yes Iamit, of course [sarcastically],

And all those naïve fools who sought out Ramana came from all over the world to see the fashion statement of the guru’s loincloth first-hand! Perhaps they thought it was a nappie, thus making it even more novel, and proving how ridiculous he looked posing as a ‘guru‘. Ha ha. They really put him in his place, alright.

It could not have been oneness with his realization - even partial - which rendered him One by identification with those who sought him by virtue of the very enlightenment which cannot be known. Nahhhhh. Because…

And that’s due to the irrefutable fact of a static, inviolable, objective duality, which permanently imprisons every separate person in their own private universe forever and ever and ever - - except for the impossible, futile, self-contradictory indulgence of posting provocative absurdities on the internet! Indeed…

Yeh, like, a loincloth, obviously. Duh-uhhhhh.

Not to mention loincloths posing as the emperor’s new cloths, and daft Charlies flocking to the side of a mountain in India to get 'dar-sham'-ed - - when it’s just a fig-leaf for Ignorance that fools them every time

Thanks for the interlude of levity.
The non-dual forum can be so hyper-serious sometimes.

~ J

Its well known that focussing on the person rather than addressing the issues, is a a tactic employed when beleifs are held insecurely resulting in posts like yours. When such arises its best to end the exchange so thankyou and goodbye.
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