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Originally Posted by Iamit
There is not a state of "Being in Non-duality" as opposed to being in duality, as though it were possible to be in one or the other:) The whole of the manifestation is duality. There is not a part of the manifestation called nonduality that you can be in:)

Whilst in duality, you can encounter a concept called non duality which asserts that despite the very convincing, solid looking, appearance of difference that is duality, ALL is in fact ONE.

Having said that, there is the idea of enlightenment, which is often taken to mean that duality has been trancended and an apparent separate looking person is in fact no longer separate but has rather become One with everything.

But then again its not possible to know whether someone is enlightened or not. There are certain characteristics which are supposed to exemplify it, but the mind can easily construct these and hide behind as the separate self, contradicting every one of them:) It can often be very advantageous for the mind to do this, as there can be many benefits in terms of motor cars and other gifts.


I think non-duality means that there is no entity to identity. I e. There is no 'you' in regards to an 'other'.
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