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Therapeutic Properties of Snow Quartz

Also known by the names Milky Quartz, and white quartz.
Snow Quartz helps with mental stress and improves mental concentration.
Snow Quartz is a gentler, more feminine variety of Quartz, as compared to the clear varieties of quartz which are thought to be more masculine.
Snow quartz and innocence are often used in the same context. Some people feel that wearing this gemstone help them look at things from a child-like perspective, without preconceived and cynical notions. They become hopeful and wise.
This is how a gemologist explained the action of snow quartz: "When we wear snow quartz, it reminds us that the word 'wonderful' comes from the word 'wonder'. And that if we'll look at the world from the eyes of a child again, 'pure wonder' is what we will experience."
From healing point of view, snow quartz are used to help with infections of all kinds and for dandruff
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