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Originally Posted by Kapitan_Prien
I was going to use it based on the first description that I found - which was the top one:

Pargasite can soften even the hardest of hearts. It gently, slowly, removes the wall of protection many have worked years to build. However, Pargasite will not work quickly. It has taken years to build up this defense system around the heart, so Pargasite will work with you, at a pace that is comfortable. There are a lot of issues to face (that wall did not get built over night) work on and release. Pargasite is your gentle support in this healing process. The pale green of Pargasite's energy will surround your heart with the expressing, feeling and sharing of empathy and compassion for self and others.

This is a heart healing crystal to be used for facing, releasing and forgiveness of some of the most powerful experiences in our lives — be it trauma, anger, violence, etc. The things we "hide away" can be safely brought to light with the help of Pargasite, time and an emotional support team. Pargasite will not do it alone, but it can ease the pain.
Sounds good :) so what didn't you like about the other one ?
Sorry I'm tired and it's late lol. Was it the jealousy and envy ?

It sounds a bit like Peridot ♥ but it may have a higher vibration and healing .
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