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Originally Posted by Altair
Thanks Guthrio. I'm afraid I don't really grasp what you're saying though.
You refer to post #22, but I don't see the practicality in what you say...


Sorry for the confusion. The point I was trying to make is this:

When "For thousands of years people thought those with epilepsy and mental health issues were possessed by nasty demons. Then modern science began to understand that there are physiological explanations. Second, for thousands of years people believed in creationism, and that all plants and animals were fixed and there at the start. We now know from studies into genetics and fossils that this is not the case, not to mention it would be ecologically impossible."....

Those who thought that way were laboring under the false impression that "2+2=5", but they did not know it until they learned, (as we ALL must learn) that the Truth was staring them in the face all the while.

In other words, our progress, individually, collectively, scientifically, and spiritually, depends upon understanding the Truth that 2+2 has always equalled 4...and KNOWING it.

The "we now know" part of the equation is the part we must find out for ourselves. It CANNOT be done by others for us.

Both Science and Religion have yet to figure out what's been staring them in the face. That's why all the false starts, fights, misunderstandings, and yes, both scientific as well as religious dogma have crippled the progress of their respective efforts ever since their practitioners did not know this.

Hence, "Perfection does not come from projecting our own ideas, but from awakening to the knowledge that it is already established order of things."

That's what post #22 was all about. Nothing is more practical than that. Do you see?

Hope this helps!
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