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Originally Posted by guthrio

Excellent points you've raised, which support my contention that the answers to problems in science and religion come from correcting the perspective which generates its appearance as a problem (TRUTH). To answer your specific question above, I invite you to see what I stated to another SF poster who asked a similar question:

No matter how well stated, 2 +2= 5 will always generate a problem in perspective (error) until the perspective, itself, is corrected to reveal that 2 + 2 = 4, even before the equation is computed.....

"Perfection does not come from projecting our own ideas but from awakening to the knowledge that it is already the established order of things."

Altair, these perspectives changed my life.

Hope they can help you, too.

Thanks Guthrio. I'm afraid I don't really grasp what you're saying though.
You refer to post #22, but I don't see the practicality in what you say...
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