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Originally Posted by Altair

Thanks for your posts. When I mention the matrix I mean a real technology created matrix. This is not allegory or viewing our world ''like a matrix''..
I am talking about a literal matrix, as in the movies..

just out of curiousity, beyond 'spiritual' matrices, how do you intend to prove that previously in our development as a culture we did not already create the technology to create a VR of the desired form, then place ourselves within it? I mean how can you possibly know that what you are postulating might come to pass in the future hasn't already come to pass in the past? I'm not talking about a 'spiritual matrix' here I'm talking about pure technology of the form we are starting to create now, how do you know we aren't just recreating it while inside another matrix we already created out of similar technologies?

well, this IS a philosophy board lol!
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