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Originally Posted by Rue11
If I am trying to attract being treated better, is that the wrong way to go about it? Should I be trying to change my perspective on the way I am treated or change how it affects me? This feels like allowing him to treat me poorly. If I am trying to keep my vibration so high that he just vibrates out of my life...that's so much easier said than done. It's hard to remain in a higher vibration when someone is trying to drag you down to their lower vibration.

the spirits had a hard time teaching me, that it isn't good form to try to attract 'being treated better'. Better just to take my lumps no matter how it makes me feel. I *really* didn't want to learn that lesson.

Looking back I suppose i knew deep inside they were right all along. I just had a vested interest in not buying into such a lousy idea so I fought it.

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