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here's what he writes.(from his book ''energy work'')

Purple Brow Center Strobe

Another version of the brow center strobe involves a brilliant flash of purple light in the mind's
eye. This happened to my son Jesse when he was 14 years old. He was in the shower and I was
working in my office at the other end of the house. He yelled out to me loudly a few times. I
listened and was about to investigate when he ran into my office dripping water everywhere. He
excitedly told me, “Dad, Dad. The world's gone purple, man! Everything's purple, man!”
Once I calmed him down, Jesse told me a fascinating tale. He said that while showering, for no
apparent reason, he felt a kind of a thud or concussion in his forehead and his vision flooded with
brilliant, thick, purple light. This was a shock and he yelled out, but it did not hurt. For several
seconds after this he could see nothing but purple light. Then it faded and his vision returned, but
everything was tinged and outlined with purple light. Jesse said it was like there was a sticky
purple gas clinging to everything. He held up his hands and said he could still see purple around
his hands and arms. I was fascinated and looked at Jesse's aura. It was expanded and all I could
see was a huge blob of brilliant purple light surrounding him. This was totally different from the last
time I had viewed it, several days earlier.
This tale progressed later that day, as the effects of the purple brow center strobe became
apparent. Jesse liked to draw and doodle, as most children do, but his drawings were very
average. A few hours later that same day, though, Jesse was watching TV and doodling as I
worked in my office. Again he yelled out to me “Dad, Dad. Quick! Come and see! Come and
see!” I went into the living room and Jesse was excitedly drawing, copying a fairly complex see!” I went into the living room and Jesse was excitedly drawing, copying a fairly complex
magazine picture. But the copy he was creating was stunning. It was perfect. He could not
understand how, but suddenly he just started drawing at a skill level way beyond his normal
In a proverbial nutshell, the long-term result was that Jesse became an artist at the moment of
the purple brow center strobe. The purple strobe released his dormant creative and psychic
abilities. On that day, he became extremely creative and art became his passion. He now
passionately pursues a career in art and animation. Jesse's psychic sensitivity and mind's eye
abilities also increased that day, and they continue to develop. Some of the illustrations in this book were created by Jesse.
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