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Everything became purple

So I tried something new, 3 sessions of meditation at some hours apart from each other.

When I meditated for the last time, just right before sleep, suddenly, everything became purple, I would see picture after picture being fully purple, purple lights, then I saw a purple nebula, that blackness we see when we have our yes closed became "invaded" by the purple color, I felt like my mind was on "purple mode". At one point, I found myself in a white empty room and on its walls there were many colors dancing, the purple color was also there and after I "woke up" from this trance, this is when everything became purple.

This color kept on manifesting itself for around 5-10 minutes, at one point, I decided to change the position of my body I started to meditate again, guess what, the purple color was still there.

Imagine seeing everything in your mind in purple, having no control, this happened to me.

I just wanted to share this with you! :) This is the second time when I see the purple color but this time it was very intense and it lasted longer, first time it was just a glimpse, now it kept on appearing on and on. Now one more thing, while meditating, I found my body yearning for a certain position, from my research, it called the "Tree Pose", I did it unintentionally, this is how I finished my session of meditation.
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