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Advanced ETs ... Of A Spiritual Nature

Ufologists who take a nuts-and-bolts approach to the Alien presence on Earth usually assume these beings to be entirely physical entities and exceedingly far more materially advanced than humans. I understand this viewpoint but, as one into metaphysics, do not necessarily agree that this has to be the case. In line with the opinion that spiritual evolution may just be the be-all-and-end-all of existence, I personally would be wary of so-called advanced civilizations who have taken the (strictly) technological route.

"Cosmic Consciousness” is a topic I have been interested in since my early twenties. It is why for a long time I’ve intuitively sensed that the natural, evolutionary next step in planetary progress would be a spiritually based one, at the very point the dominant species has attained civility. Indeed, why do advanced civilizations that, theoretically, inhabit other planets and who have been around much longer than humankind necessarily have to be technologically advanced, when cosmic consciousness could very well be the common and normal "great leap" throughout the universe, instead? Such an advanced species would in all likelihood not be high-tech at all, but rather astral travelers.

One would think that a truly advanced species that has been around for eons would have developed a means to have transcended the physical and, by extension, scientific materialism, altogether. What if a truly advanced ET intelligence were strictly, solely, mind-based? When SETI rejected the Arecibo Reply by saying any intelligent life form in the cosmos would respond only in a scientific manner and to scientists only, this was naive hubris taken to the nth degree. The thought that advanced ET intelligences might be pure mind is inconceivable to such flatfooted Earthlings.

If these advanced civilizations are strictly scientists in thinking, that's rather difficult to accept, considering science (at least human science, anyway) has proven its relative destructiveness. Perhaps, then, other cosmic civilizations that are truly evolved have not taken the same technological path that humankind has, and/or are content with who and where they are, and have sought an inward path to progress, to Creator, instead. Such would seem to imply that many, if not the majority, of ETs visiting Earth are not so spiritual.

Consider Earth's own holy men: monks, gurus, sages, and so forth. They're generally passive beings. They're non-aggressive, non-violent. They do not design things. They are not engineers. They're content. Why would we expect any other truly "advanced" intelligences inhabiting other planets to be any different? One would assume such entities, at the apex of their advanced state, to be angelic in spirit, if not also in incorporeal form.
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