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Originally Posted by guthrio

I very much enjoyed that article. Thank you.

Is it not ironic that despite its ineffable wisdom....

....we still attempt to use words and definitions (non-duality or advaita) to "capture" the Infinite Essence ?
Yes, but we can't describe oneness without using words and concepts, such as Non-duality, god etc etc. As long as we are conscious of Non-duality or any other concept as being only a concept of oneness, not oneness itself, words and concepts will not have a negative effect on our monkey brains (ego I). Take the analogy below as an example:

Looking out into reality while wearing red glasses, you will say - reality is red

Another person wearing blue glasses will say - No, reality is blue.

Another person wearing yellow glasses will say - No, no, you are both wrong, I see reality as being yellow.

When you are not wearing colored glasses (knowing the truth about words, concepts and beliefs, and apply said truth), your reality is not colored by words, concepts and beliefs.

What creates these colored glasses? Words, and concepts create beliefs. These beliefs created by words and concepts create the colored glasses

Edit: changed oneness to Non-duality above.
All we see with our mind and senses is Brahman, but we are not recognizing it as Brahman. And this is maya, ignorance, the cause of all suffering. Brahman is Objective truth/reality and our true inner objective self.
5: lacking in reality or substance : ILLUSORY
1a: expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations.
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