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Taking the two words "Universe" and "God" for some they are or can be one in the same and for others they are very much separate. To some the universe is outer space that place that holds the planets and that is that. God is that higher being or power that created the universe and all things in it. God is what looks over what they created.

In Non duality a philosophy there is just One Eternal Spirit in existence, and that everything in the Universe was created by it and is an inseparable part of it. Now this fits to the "God" aspect that is out there. It could be a bit of a stretch but too this could maybe go with the "Big Bang Theory" where thing were created by something or someone.

At the same time, non duality also says that the world is not real, but is an illusion perceived by the mind. I often think to an episode of the original Star Trek, where things seem to be held in place, where the society seems to not have evolved at all. That the people there are "Sheep" to what is happening. But this is so not the case the beings there have evolved to pure energy beings, and the rest is there for show.

I wonder at times if there is way to prove we exist that there is a foundation under us.

I do feel that there is a higher power for me I call that "Universal Divine Light" I do feel that there is more life out there in the universe but I am not sure I buy into "Little Green Men."

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