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My heart really does go out to you and everyone who is aware that their loved ones are nearing the end of their Charted Path. Both my dad and my mum made their transitions 'Home' due to cancer, and I took comfort for the time I had with them and this knowing so I could say all the things I wanted to.

I now treasure their memories, and through these they live on in me and everyone who remembers them. I sense their energy all around the universe, and I know in my very soul they will be waiting for me when it is time for me to make my transition.

I hope you and your family find peace, happiness and harmony, and I send you all my love and prayers

I am not an individual having a universal experience, but the universe having an individual experience. Where consciousness is the universe experiencing itself through each of us.

Destiny is not the path given to us - but the path we choose for ourselves.

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