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Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful messages, they mean so much to me at such a difficult time. I promised my Dad I would be there for my Mum and support her and I will. I also told him that I will make him proud, which I will. I think our family is still in shock as it all happened so fast, but as I said previously, on reflection, my Dad had subconsciously/unknowingly been saying goodbye to the important places and people for a while over the last few years.

I believe that he sent a little sign yesterday morning. I was driving up to my parents house and a van came the other way with big green writing on the front. It said 'Ted'. That was one of the pet names my Dad used for me all the time. Ive never ever seen this van before and I immediately gave him thanks, as I truly believe that he was letting me know he was safe.

Fly high with the Angels Dad, thank you for being my hero, thank you for being the best Dad in the world. I've learned such a lot from your timeless wisdom and patience. I love you xxx
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