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Auricular Magnetic Therapy

I'm currently using this method to lose some weight. I ordered and received tiny, small magnets, and put them on the stimulation points inside the left ear, as per instructions.

I'm only on day three, and, from day one, I noticed changes inside my body.

The idea to try it came to me in a dream, remembering when my brother-in-law went to a clinic, and, they performed auricular therapy on him, using an electrical stimulation needle on points inside his left ear. He went to stop smoking. After one session, he stopped smoking. Never again smoked a cigarette.

Searching the internet, I found it can be used for weight loss, and, for lots of other health related issues.

Has anyone in here used this type of acupuncture? And, what did you use it for, and, did it work for you?

Stimulation can be done in a number of ways, needles, electric stimulation, beads, seeds, magnets, etc.
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