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Ok guys. Why am I seeing this spirit??

His name is Rulon. Rulon was LDS and belonged to an offshoot religious group called the Priesthood Work of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints {fyi Rulon identifies as president of the Priesthood Work of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints even though it eventually split and the funtamentalist faction took over. Rulon practiced polygamy and advocated for its decriminalization {although some accounts claim that he had seventy-five wives I get that the number was actually around four, all of whom were close to his age}. But he seemed average so far other than that. Both the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune carried his obit. Seems like he tried to move in both worlds. Some of his friends were other polygamists. And then he had some friends within the conventional LDS community. Rulon worked as an accountant until 1984. He likes animals. When he wasn't studying the bible and the Book of Mormon Rulon read the newspaper every day. He liked to read novels. Seems like some of his favorite books were "Gone With The Wind", "The Sound And The Fury", "Riders Of The Purple Sage", "Death Of A Salesman" and "The Great Gatsby" and apparently he likes a lot of the Perry Mason novels. He liked to listen to music {specifically jazz, classical music, and some classic rock} And he likes to watch tv sometimes {things like "The Donna Reed Show", "The **** Van Dyke Show", "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "I Love Lucy", "Green Acres", "Mr Ed", "Dragnet" etc and sometimes he watches the news on tv}. I also have gotten visions of him in different public places {restaurants, local library, city park, church, movie theater etc}. Sometimes alone. And sometimes with one or more wives. I also sometimes get visions of Rulon dancing to classical music or jazz with one of his wives. Rulon has been kind and very helpful so far. The only time that I have ever seen him angry or close to it is when he spoke to me about one of his sons. The strongest feeling that I got here was a feeling of loss from Rulon. His son is a big part of that maybe. And someplace I read that he lost most of his wives and it seems like he could have been exiled from the community sometime after the fundamentalist faction took over. Or he left or something happened there. Or is there something else????

Input would be great.
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