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Originally Posted by Chrysaetos
The idea of freedom is very popular in the west. That's why western spiritual people often believe that we somehow make the choice where we are born and in what conditions. Of course we have good conditions so it's popular to think in such directions. I'm sure that if you ask a non-western society, you'll get different explanations.
So who's right? Your beliefs are based on cultural upbringing.

way too generalised and simplistic... Just what are "...western spiritual people" anyway?

My understanding is partly based on the teachings of certain spiritually evolved guides and teachers - nothing at all to do with my cultural upbringing which was wholly different. Similarly for others who share my persuasion.

Choice and freewill is the root of our spiritual evolvement and that's why those with understanding (not "spiritual people") know about our freedom to make choices.

Dogmatic beliefs and expectations are what predominate when good guidance and evidence are lacking....

They are what influence others' explanations.
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