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Dear ones, how large can you dream? Can you look past what you thought was your reality and grasp a vision far beyond finite imaginings? Let your innermost visions

gain sanction by believing that they exist. Now is the place to build those beautiful ideals beyond your material structure. If it helps, look back to your childhood

memories of pure enthusiasm for natures grand display. It is only later you lose touch through dour beliefs that lack imagination. You need not let go of the beautiful

visions, these are your new building blocks for the future. You will be building with with ideas based in love wisdom and joy. These have no limitation, nor do they

demand anything. Your vision can be as large and inspiring as you wish. You are generating a plan then, that unites the whole in grandeur. The now is endless, ever

ready to unfold. draw your power from this inner source, the well that never dries up but gives forth continual sweet nectar to the soul. Clean the slate that had been

your life and draw upon it these beautiful images of a perfect world. Such is your future, which will be inclusive in past and present. Here you can heal all the old

wounds because your vision will be transformed. You will understand that the lessons were but a dream template that now dissolved, creates a new foundation based

on the true inner values beyond duality. Rest assured, dear ones, your future is filled with light and hope. Let this dream fade away as you uphold your visions before

you. In every dream one must eventually awaken. You now stand at the threshold of this grand awakening. Babaji
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