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Dear ones, if you would take the time to bless every one of your situations, you would find your lives blessed as well. Before reacting, stop and silently bless the people

and all elements of what is occurring. This in itself would improve the performance of every thing you deem useful in everyday life. All is energy and all reacts to love

and gratitude, just as you do, when it is offered. See the value of Gods creation in the most insignificant, and enjoy the result of this practice. This earth schools is

designed to help you see both sides of duality and the result of choice. You have grown weary of taking the same actions, have you not? The ancients intuitively

understood this simple concept; love magnetizes the very atoms of creation and this is because your recognition reflects back to the all. Pleasure and pain are but the

scenes erected for the benefit of expanding localized awareness into un-localized all. Use awareness in all you do and say. Keep the mind ever attuned to the heart

and when you do err, do not be angry with yourself, but note that there is a better way. Forgiveness must be offered to the self before it can be offered to others, so

understanding and patience with self will reflect in your encounters with your counterparts also. Be generous dear ones, generous with your kindness, generous with

love and especially generous with understanding. Love, like water, is the universal solvent, it smooths the way by restructuring disorganized patterns into unity. Are

you not happiest around those who are positive and generous with their love and kindness? It is so with all creatures and creation. You have all advanced to this basic

understanding, yet the power, is putting it to work in your lives, each moment. Every hardship has a positive outcome when love is applied as an antidote. In this you

will learn the lesson quickly and move to a consciousness that attracts positive balance toward joy versus hardship. Whatever means is available to you, to remember

throughout your day is useful. When you meditate, choose a theme for the day to help you stay in balance in all you encounter. Perhaps link the theme to the color of

the garment you wear that day, so every time you see your garment you remember. It is simply making an appeal to yourself to pay attention, lest you become

distracted and forgetful of self. Spiritual practice take diligence as many of you know, but if you also become mindful daily it will soon become habit. Let love color

your encounters, then bless the day, the birds, trees, bless your world and all you see projected on the screen of life. Not only will you uplift your own soul, you will

uplift everything in your field of vision, and dear ones, life will bless you back. Babaji
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