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I quickly stopped into anothers thread, wondering if this was an exaggerated time or energy...just curious, because I don't really understand a lot of the energies going on with planetary alignment, and what have you.

Anyways, those dates, someone I had been seeing, supposedly a TF, if that exists - I don't think we're all meant to be with them in every life time, even if we're currently living in this life time at the same time, if that makes sense.

He had a court date on the 25th of July, and than a surgery on the 8th of August. I just saw these dates listed somewhere else online, as being significant, and than seeing you list them here.

As for myself, I feel like in the last 6+ months has been prep for a new alignment, I mean I know it all is, but, the craziness of this year, and the lessons I continuously needed to learn, have been harsh, but freeing..I feel like I am being set up for something bigger coming. Or at least the very places I have landed, and so every time when something happens, I try to take a hold of it, no matter how exhausted I am, because I cannot help but think spirit wants me to.

I hope to have a bit of a breather soon.

Last year this time, was an amazing time, just as the year before but than it all got turned upside down in about a month's time, and what a terrible year there after. I know that that won't be the case this time, I am getting my foundation set up for security.

I guess ironic, that HIS dates just happened to be those.

Thanks. Will give it a read. Going to fast in this time, too.
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