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Originally Posted by Hawaiian Dreams
Thank you ThatMan. I too believe in Christ :)

Yesterday afternoon, I prayed to God asking for his assistance. I asked him to send his angels to help me, and I asked him to cover me all over with the Holy Spirit, and I prayed to each of my grandparents to also help in the process because I knew they were vested in this.

When I felt an immense amount of good energy, I proceeded to distance reiki on my sister's home and I could feel the energy drop. I took breaks to read bible verses, and continued again and again once more. By the 3rd time, and after 40 minutes, I could no longer sense its energy in my sister's home.

That same night, I was awoken by a man with sharp teeth wearing a white nun's robe. I believe it was the same being. He made my head spin, and shook me from side to side in my bed. I prayed and commanded him to leave and I think it's gone now.

There's so much I do not know, but I'm glad I know God who is all powerful and all loving.

That's really great, can you make yourself call for Christ while you are under attack? This is how I did it, tell yourself from time to time that you are going to call Him if it happens, just keep this thought in the back of your mind and remaind yourself daily that you are going to do it.

I don't know much about reiki, I know that these evil entities use the negative energies to attack us, so try to keep yourself being positive no matter what.

That was really horrible, I wish you could call for Christ... you know, this bring tears into my eyes, not just once I was all alone with these dark entities and I could not call for Christ's help.. it was horrible.. so I really do know, even if people don't really believe me, I know those eviles entities are very real.Yes, that's what they do, they move your body in all directions, they used to move my body through the air and make me very confuse, this is how they torture people.

Something very important, go on a christian forum and on the prayers section and ask people there to pray for you, this is what I did, more than 10 people prayed for me and this was really helpul.. I am going to pray for you and your sister too!

Stay strong, remember this, if the evil forces are real, then the forces of Light are real too!!
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