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Hi aragonite_11

First I wanna say I support you fully through this process.

Second and most importantly be VERY VERY careful, that cannot be stressed enough. One of the most common things people do, including myself (a few times) is they will feel like they are ok not realizing that the medications play a big role in that sense of stability.

I don't know what meds u r on but just be careful, some are way harsh to get off of so my advice would be to take as much time as needed to wean yourself off. I would recommend talking to your dr beforehand to get his input. I'm not a medical professional or anything but I have been on more psychotropic meds over the years than I can name and some have been awful to quit.

I admire ur spirit though and wish u the best. I am on 4 types of psychotropic medicines right now that I have been on for about a year and a half now and I share your desire to walk away from them. I have tried to get off my antipsychotics a few times because they make me eat in my sleep but each time I quit I end up having a mild episode of psychosis so unfortunately it's not my time yet.

Keep me updated on how it's been going. Any advice you may have found to help u get off them easier would be greatly appreciated for whenever I take that journey

Best wishes <3
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