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Falling Leaves . . .


People play on the Path forever . . . some finally claiming to be far along . . . Eastern Monks and Western Religionists claim they are far along the Path . . . making money here and gathering followers there. Even the so-called mystic teachings and esoteric findings . . . all just a bit farther along in it all.

Everything bottlenecks at the “top” of the mental worlds . . . for lack of better words. To even head beyond that . . . let alone to actually get there even a baby step . . . leaves the so-called social or acceptable teachings behind. When I make the statement “Mind is not Soul and Soul is not mind . . . “ most people still believe and demand that Soul is just some kind of higher mental being . . . whether they have put in the lifetimes of “stopping the mind” and believing that this takes them somewhere special or not. Don’t get me wrong . . . it’s a necessary preliminary step . . . but it just doesn’t “take” you where they believe it does . . . but to suggest that to someone that is currently dealing with that entire scenario is to encourage warfare on their part. It’s not worth it. LIFE will be their greater teacher.

It is not necessarily that they do not want to share . . . it’s that they do not want to listen . . . and if they do . . . they just are curiously wondering what it is you have to say and are rarely deeply passionate and “driven” to find out Greater Truth . . . which is part of what gets an individual “there” in the first place. You’ll have the entire teachings of the Eastern people claiming “Boo on desire” . . . and so they stay where they are . . . which again . . . is pretty much normal.

Your statement that “Truth is inherently unlikeable” is brilliant . . . and absolutely right-on-the-money. So is your viewpoint on relating to others. The farther one goes on the Path . . . the less that individual will find walking alongside them.

Yet given eternity times 1000 to work with . . . everyone will eventually get there . . . one at a time . . . but the newbies and those in the “middle steps” make up the throngs . . . and they would just as soon throw a noose over a tree and hoist you up than to listen to you. Many . . . MANY more so-called saviors were killed for their efforts than Jesus.

And yet . . . walking these “ending steps” demands a level of learning some “lessons” that can be learned in no other way. Such is the way of the Path. I don’t make the rules.
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