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Originally Posted by zorkchop
I would like to ask . . .

1) . . . do you believe that ANY-one on this planet has the answer to all of this . . . such as where do thoughts come from . . . how do they tie into emotions . . . etc. Do the priestcraft, religionists, scientists, spiritualists, etc. . . . do you believe that any of them have the answer?

2) . . . if a person did have an answer . . . how would you determine on whether to listen to that person . . . given the principle that the answer would NOT go along with current thought and belief . . . and therefore would be highly suspect at best.

I do believe that there are Yogis on this planet who have the answers to all these questions and more, based on their own practical experience.

And there are teachings which also provide answers, even if for most of us these teachings are just working hypotheses in the absence of direct knowledge.

And I have no problem with such answers not fitting in with current thought and belief. For me, most current thoughts and beliefs are suspect, so the fact that such answers do not fit current thoughts and beliefs does not mean that these answers are invalid.

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