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A tangent off, but in the same idea...

A few nights ago my elder and I were chatting about afterlife. Where do you go?

My elder said we go where ever we believe we will go. So, if I believe I will go to the diner and have pie. That is where I will go.

I suppose it is like setting my intentions? But on the idea we create the landscape of our afterlife “reality.”

Who will be there? I do not know who else would choose the same landscape. The Grand Canyon or Disney World might be a bit crowded. If a lot of people allow themselves or believe they can choose this.

Would a person who harmed me show up at the diner? I do not know.

When we die would we become our “beautiful self,” shedding off the past physical body and karma that was worked through this go around.

Would we even recognize the “beautiful self” or soul of anyone that we met during our earth bound time? Would I meet souls of a similar vibration or would I meet others who love diner pie?
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