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Originally Posted by blackraven
Not everyone can do this, but I found that getting as active as you possibly can without re-injuring or causing further pain is helpful. Several years ago I had a bad ankle break running up vertically through my bone, not a clean straight horizontal break. It required surgery and a metal plate screwed into my ankle bone. I was in serious pain and spent several days lying around on the couch in a cast. Then my spouse went out a got an exercise bike so that I could get moving again without putting too much pressure on my ankle. Just getting my circulation going and moving got my mind off the pain and it actually helped the pain dissipate. Just an idea, but like I said, it's not for everyone and it depends on the injury.

Same here. They say that rest is the most important thing if you injure yourself, but for some this isn't true. I've lived a very active lifestyle and ive broken a few bones. At times I've found getting out and about improved circulation and speeds up recovery.
But obviously being very careful not to aggravate the injury is most important.
Also another vote for accunpture here. It's always helped me big time.
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