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Originally Posted by Lepus

Yesterday I recieved Spirit Conjuring for Witches: Magical Evocation Simplified by Frater Barrabbas and The Witches' Book of the Dead by Christian Day. I haven't read it yet, still waiting on two more books to arrive. These books discuss about spirit invocation and evocation.

Spirit-keeping is a termed coined by creepy hollows usually involves a vessel to trap a spirit to do your bidding, often the term is switched to companion if the spirit voluntarily bonded with the vessel, this vessel is used as a direct link to communicate with the spirit.

A servitor is a creation of Chaos magick, a spirit like being formed of the energy and intention of its creator that does not have a Will of its own but is bound to the will of its creator. They are advanced thought forms.

A vessel is made to contain something usually made of any hollow objects such as jars, bottles, gemstones, crystals, jewelry, dolls, etc.

A human spirit can also be used as a vessel.

Here's a thread about gatekeepers.


First thank you for the link on gatekeepers.

Thanks to you and Chrysalis I took a look over at creepy hollows to learn or attempt to, of what people mean when they speak of spirit keeping and it is as I thought.

CH appears first and foremost to be a store.

It is not my job to either judge or determine what others do.

What I seem to believe especially with items is that energy can be put into items, by those that frequently use touch said items. Is this actually possible with a spirit? I do not know, and because I do not know my answer can not be anything other than yes- it could be a potential possibility.

However if it indeed is possible- there then must be a way to do this own one's own correct? If indeed others are selling spirits in items; then there must be a way, a technique to do this type of thing oneself.

Servitors are something entirely different. I have a slight interest in chaos magic, and I have recently begun experimenting with sigils. Unfortunately from what I've found many in the chaos web community seem to be quite headstrong and sure of themselves. Not something I personally would expect with the element of surprise chaos brings in and of itself.

I've not brought myself to attempt too much work with servitors. At least not as of yet.

My personal view of spirit keeping, is just that, my personal view.

Personally I will say for myself at least and if anything, I'd much rather learn how to combine a spirit with an item as opposed to buying something from someone else.

I take my spiritual exploration of other beliefs with a touch of caution, as I do with most things.

That is just me, and my view on it.
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