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The brain damage was caused by West Nile Meningitis. It was mild (brain damage) compared to what it could have been. I forgot everything. I had to make lists to do every little task or I'd forget a step.

I was in two types of therapy for a while. One taught me that the brain will rewire itself. It will bypass the damaged parts (that are damaged for life) and pick up where I left off. It took about a year. I am different than I was before said brain damage. My personality is different. I like different things. I think different. That brain damage caused me to be able to put spiritual puzzle pieces together that, otherwise, I would have never been able to do in this lifetime. So for that I am thankful.

As far as the two concurrent lifetimes that are being played out while I am living out this one; now that was weird. I dreamed them. But they were no ordinary dreams. One is a large woman. She came from a very nurturing and supportive family. She lives on a different planet than this one. The sky was a kind of orangish color. No mountains. Just flat land. A old rickety gate we went through, a windchime tinkled we were going to see her art work. She was an artist.

Second woman (yes, both are women) is trim, slim, prim, smart and a business woman. She loves what she does and she's very good at it. I couldn't detect any family life, her life is her career.

Yep, I never put the cap on possibilities. Anything and everything is possible in my humble opinion.

I remember once I saw this man about 25 years ago. He came to a meeting I was attending. I was very uncomfortable around him. I seemed to sense he had broken my heart in a different lifetime. And he wasn't much better in this current lifetime. I blended into the shadows. I saw him half a dozen times and always steered clear of him. He never "recognized" me.

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