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Originally Posted by metal68
Obviously if there turns out to be no afterlife, then this is the natural state of affairs. I find the idea terrifying, atheists generally seem unperturbed by it, It's just impossible to imagine isn't it??

You couldn't even be aware of blackness as there is no you to perceive it, How can a conscious being experience non existence?? Its mindblowing. It would be as if you never existed, past, present & future all erased. It makes me dizzy thinking about it! It bothers me more actually that might have happened to my mum & dad but it's still so abstract, to not perceive even not perceiving.

Thoughts on this??

If you look from the Ego's perspective, then you will see this and fear it.

And yet, this world is a world that never has existed.

And i'm talking from the God's perspective. Where time has set its limit, it will end. Sooner or later. There is no exception to this.

And from God's point of view, what disappears,is gone and has never existed. Be glad that it is so, because unhappiness is only in this world, and not in God's.

And you are living in God, as every living being does. This you just don't recognize yet. But a Part of yourself knows this.
God is Love, and therefore so am I. What is not of God, has no power to do anything. now with Desktop mates
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