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Originally Posted by metal68
Can You Imagine Non Existence
I can't. No matter how I try to imagine it, there's still a me here doing or observing that. Even the so-called Void is seen or felt by a me!

Obviously if there turns out to be no afterlife, then this is the natural state of affairs.
"Natural state of what affairs"? If there is no Afterlife, there may still be "something" here - and it's you! You are here! Are you "nothing"?

I find the idea terrifying, atheists generally seem unperturbed by it, It's just impossible to imagine isn't it??
It's "impossible" because there is always a you here. The question might be: Who/what is this 'you" that is always here? Who/what are you?

You couldn't even be aware of blackness as there is no you to perceive it,
This is quite impossible because there is always some kind of a "you" here.

How can a conscious being experience non existence?? Its mindblowing.
It can't and it blows the mind because the limited mind is not able to conceive of non-existence.

It would be as if you never existed, past, present & future all erased.
That just depends on what this 'you' is. You, eternal consciousness, have always existed and always will while 'you', a limited, personal, temporary entity was born, will live and then be erased.

It makes me dizzy thinking about it!
It makes the limited, personal 'you' dizzy but NOT the permanent eternal 'You' - which is you and everything!

It bothers me more actually that might have happened to my mum & dad but it's still so abstract, to not perceive even not perceiving.
Thoughts on this??
It will bother the limited, personal you but never the permanent, eternal and untroubled you. Ask your self: Who is bothered? Who has fears and is confused, etc. If you look deeply enough, you might find that there is no personal, trouble you at all - just a peaceful, happy and comfortable you watching all of this go by.
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