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I'm surrounded by those that don't believe in life after death all my friends & family but in some ways I do understand why. If they have never had any experience of it.

I've had spirits that have died come to me since I was a teenager to show me there is & I have been guided my entire life towards spirituality & the truth on the earth.

If that had not been the case I'm unsure what my beliefs would be, NO NO I doubt that I still would have known in the core of my being, but I am an old soul.

It's funny I used to have the argument with my 80yr old grandmother she was an extreme atheist & was very upset when I would speak of psychics, but in the days leading up to her death she was in & out of conciousness & when she awoke would say she had been dreaming of many that she had known that had died years earlier & in the final days it as only me that she requested come & see her, at the end she knew the truth.
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