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Originally Posted by yumi14
Thank you, brobian, that was so sweet of you to say. I know I am blossoming, yet I feel like the mistakes I've made in the past makes it a little too late for people to enjoy anymore. All I know is in the next life, I am determined to get it right and blossom sooner for everyone.

The mistakes to which were made are done and these cannot be changed. They then need to just be accepted for what they are and then forgotten. You are allowed to make mistakes, that is the way of being human. I know that the only way you will bring bad karmic energy onto you is by the way you treat your fellow humans, how you treat life on our planet, how you treat our planet, and even how you treat yourself. Plus it isn't about having people enjoy you, not at all. It is about you enjoying yourself. It's about seeing yourself and accepting you for everything that you are.
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