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Yeah not too dissimilar to my experience. Although it took me a while to work out how, I always knew I was not like 'others'. This was/is somewhat confusing as my physical appearance is pretty much human-like.

Humans are very species-centric which serves to reenforce the differences.

Yeah don't disturb the local wildlife with too much of what you see, it only frightens them.

People talk about the idea of reincarnation, perhaps even citing a few 'past' lives. But really they have no concept of having lived countless lifetimes as all sorts of 'beings'. After a while it loses its purpose. If indeed we go round and round, waiting for the end of this life is futile, another will begin shortly. It's not time to get off the wheel (of reincarnation) as some Eastern traditions suggest, its time to do away with the wheel.

I feel your pain ...
no sugar coating here, I tell it straight as I see it
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