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I know how you feel. In fact, I know how a lot of people feel, because I feel that I have been in their shoes in other lifetimes.

I have had a lot of loneliness in my life, especially my early life. There was nobody to explain to me the feelings I had or to teach me that I belong here. In fact I always felt I belonged in a totally different world all together. One where we can all see deep into a person, skipping biases or prejudices and really seeing who they are. Where we can communicate telepathically, and don't need to find the right words or use...the dreaded small-talk.

I started being really interested in my body though. I used to feel disconnected from it, like I didn't belong in this temporary shell. But then, I don't know, I decided to change that. I was compelled to start doing any kind of work where I am in motion and on my feet. I want to work with the body and do healing of some kind and know anatomy thoroughly. I have really changed my mind about the body, and once you work on grounding and being part of your body and really wanting to care for it, things really begin to change. That may just be my path, but I really recommend it to anyone!
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