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Female stuff - might contain stuff only women would want to read

From my understanding most women get their menses on the new moon. For as long as I can remember I had gotten mine...opposite...on the full moon. I read up on this and read something that it is a sign that the life's mission doesnt primarily involve childrearing but more spiritual stuff and helping other women and people instead. Like back in the day would have been a shaman or healer or whatever...but not married, kids etc.

So anyway I never kept good track of this but recently noticed I switched! Either before the eclipse or after or sometime around there.

I am trying to understand what the reasons for this might be. It could have been a coincidense that I notices it around the eclipse as I have never kept good track nor taken any artificial hormones. I met my twin flame and nothing changed. Been seperated for about a year. What has changed is I have undergone spiritual awakening/healing. I feel that I am amlmost fully healed from most of my traumas and ancestral stuff. A psychic medium told me that my nervous system was being reset.

I dont know if this is a result of me and my work or a result of the eclipse.

Has anyone ever heard of anything about this?
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