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Do we choose when and how we die?

It is a common shared belief that all human beings return to the Earth with some sort of blueprint, and that this blueprint prescribes that soul to a particular road of destiny. While true that certain facets of the soul journey are chosen prior to physical birth, the actual outcome of events are not forecast or foretold. This allows free will and choice to take place throughout the physical lifetime, instead of simply being a puppet for your spirit. Most souls accept this reality and find it a very exciting prospect, until they are actually having the human experience, and then they adopt a contradictory outlook, because they think it will make their lives easier.

There are those in the spirit world with access to far superior knowledge and foresight, due to their vibrational state and the roles and responsibilities they are appointed. While in the spirit world there will always appear to be someone who knows far more than you, and can sometimes be quite vague when indulging others with their information. This will be because the soul who is asking the question is not vibrationally ready to know what there is to know, or that they will understand better when they discover the truth for themselves.
When the time comes closer to the end of your physical life term, whether it be from illness, disease or cell degeneration, it will become much more apparent to the spirit world as to the nature of your passing. It may or may not be as apparent to you, unless you are aware of the conditions your body has. Some psychics may claim to foretell the time and means of someone’s passing prior to it happening. In such instances they are tuning into the energy field of that person to translate the potentials that are orbiting their vibrational system. An auric field which harnesses certain energies that form from the thoughts and doings of a person. What can be seen here does not have to come to pass if the individual alters their own destiny through a change of actions. If a condition or imbalance of dis-ease has been allowed to have its way for too long, changes in action in later stages will bring about very little difference in the end result.

The time and nature of your physical passing is subsequently going to depend entirely on how you live your life, how you maintain balance, and the actions you perform at any given moment. There are so many other factors in place, such as the free will of others, or planetary issues, which interweave within your life, which give added unexpected twists to the outplay of events. This is what is it to be a human being.

The only way to predict what your future holds, is to be the one who creates it.


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