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The energy that ignites the desire for sex with another human being is still experienced in the afterlife, but in a different way. It is not felt as a desire to perform animal-like practices, but is felt as a desire to be of service to someone else. To give something of yourself to that other. This can be in the form of all sorts of deeds and creative phenomenon, not even imagined on Earth. One of the most beautiful is a type of merging experience shared by two beings. They will come together to create a unified moulding of the energy between both beings, sharing with one another every intimate sensation, thought and feeling they have within their deepest core. Like two flames from two candles merging together as one. In that moment the two temporarily become as one. This is unlike anything experienced in human form.

Sounds like a beautiful experience indeed.

Perhaps my dream world is closer to the spirit world than the physical one.

Very interesting insights


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