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Do we eat in the afterlife?

This question must be answered in two different ways. From the point of view of necessity, and from the view of personal choice.

To understand the answer in regard to necessity, you must first understand how the soul sustains itself in an etheric environment. But first we must look at what the soul really is.

The soul and the spirit.

The soul is the Self-aware presence. The consciousness of that which I AM. This includes your memories, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your desires and aspirations, your fears, your sense of character and personality, your knowledge, and all those qualities, imperfections and aspects that distinguish and illuminate you as a separate entity. It is the embodiment of your Self-Journey. This is within a continuous cycle of change and expression, the creative experiential instrument of the spirit.

Your spirit on the other hand is that which does not change. Does not give way to any imperfection, flaw or fear. It is the aspect of you which is closest to that which God is. It is that which requires nothing, but provides everything. It is that which is unseen but forever felt through the vehicle of love, wisdom and service. It is the pure, the perfect and the permanence of the divine. It is the sublime marriage of that which is God and that which is conceived into you.

With the above understanding one can differentiate that which provides with that which manifests from provision. The spirit provides, and the soul manifests.
We call the spirit world as such because it is a place of provision. It is a state of being provided for with every need that you may conceive of. This is why the spirit world is a state and place of infinite potentials and possibilities. Thus, some term it ‘Heaven’.
So then, to understand better how the soul sustains itself in the spirit world, you simply have to understand the spirit, and the world of spirit, simply provides all the sustenance that is required. This is simply radiated from your beloved spirit into your soul and engulfs it in blissful rays of energy. That is also why, upon crossing over to the spirit world, you will experience a great surge of revitalization and invigoration.
It is this that feeds you, fulfils your necessities, in a permanent state of eternity.

When it comes to personal choice, we speak of the free will and expression of the soul. From having one or many sensual and sentimental experiences in the physical world the soul develops attachments to aspects of their journey. Attachments come in an infinite array of forms, one of which is food, and another is drink. Although the soul understands it is not required to eat, it will sometimes retain the desire to relive sensations those experiences provided. It is not uncommon for souls to be seen manifesting their once favourite food or drink. The exception would be that nobody relives the experience of eating meat because it is not aligned to their vibration anymore. Animals they have eaten in physical life cause regret to the soul in an enlightened state because those very animals share the afterlife with them.
When reanimating the act of consuming a type of food, or drink, the soul has to rely on memories of sensations they retain, such as the texture, the flavour, the aroma and the colour. They then allow their memory to project these thoughts into a solid form which they can then touch. While this can be, at first, a thrilling experience, especially when you have no risk of putting on any weight, the activity soon loses its appeal. The apple or the cup of tea fades into nothingness. The soul moves away from Earthly habits and repetitious activates and engages itself with greater activities of indulgence. This will be whatever drives them to be who they aspire to be.


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