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Sparrow, thanks so much for bringing us all these wonderful insights about the afterlife. As I read your words I feel a sense of truth and comfort, sort of like a series of ah-ha moments for lack of a better description.

One of the things I read here that greatly pleases me is to know that I can reunite with my pets eventually AND communicate in a language we mutually understand. I think that I tend to love my pets more than most humans, short of my wife whom I’ve been a partner in life with for 25 years. My wife and I have many differences but the one thing we share in equal strength is our love and passion for our animal companions.

I’ve had many animal companions in my lifetime of nearly 50 years. I tend to see them more like family members and/or children. One of the most difficult things I continual seem to face is losing them. It never gets easier. It’s so difficult when I actually have to make the dreaded decision to put them down by lethal injection because they are ill and suffering greatly. However, when that decision is made I am always with them, holding them in my arms, comforting them until their last breath. It is one of the most difficult situations I face. It is very difficult to lose a loved one in your arms watching the love and light in their eyes go out. It’s so difficult for me but I do it and will continue to do as long as I feel it makes it easier for them. We currently have 14 pets (cats dogs and birds) living with us so I will be re-visiting that scenario over and over again for some time into the future. I am in tears thinking about it as I type because our oldest cat has a large cancer tumor and this event is coming again soon and it isn’t going to be easy.

More than dealing with a recurring broken heart I often contemplate if there is anything I could do to make it easier/better for them. I would greatly appreciate if you could share your perspective on how my animal companions may view this decision/event and if there is anything I could or should do to make it easier or better for them.

I have many more questions or concerns about the afterlife and how to best prepare for it while I am still here but I feel moved to address this one first.

**bowing in appreciation and gratitude**

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