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Matrix? School or prison, depending on your chosen perspective.

Originally Posted by guthrio
"Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don't plan it. Don't wait for it. Just let it happen."
Dale Cooper - Twin Peaks

... just thought I'd give myself a present by sharing it with all of you today.


For those of us who enjoyed the original Matrix series, you may be pleased to be informed that, per the 1st reference:

Despite its seemingly untouchable status (even given the disappointment of the sequels), rumours about movement on a new movie based on The Matrix have crackled around the wires for years. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there is some forward movement, with Warner Bros. starting talks with writer Zak Penn to create a treatment. Personally, I can hardly wait!

However, you may be EVEN more pleased (or not) to ascertain that, like many films whose subject matter borders on untold, hidden, hushed aspects of our existence, there is far more to the popularity of the Matrix movies, than meets the mind's eye (See Reference 2).

Believe me, if you take the time to even read through the collection of articles immediately visible, YOU WILL NOT EVEN HAVE TOUCHED THE VASTNESS AWAITING YOUR STUDY!

HINT?: These are the associated hyperlinks at the bottom of the set of articles in Reference 2, awaiting further study. All are translatable from the original Spanish into English at the touch of a button on all pages.....

Return to Ascension

Return to Real Science

Return to the Astral Plane

Return to Topics / Main Files

Return to True Nature of Reality

Return to Dimensions and Hyper-dimensions

Return to The Divine and The Manipulative Extraterrestrials

I leave it to you to decide what the Matrix Reality is for yourselves, if you can stop reading long enough to "escape" thinking about it!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


“Why, that’s true! I am a perfect, unlimited gull!” Jonathan opened his eyes asking, "Where are we?” The Elder Chiang said, “We’re on some planet with a green sky and a double star for a sun.” Jonathan made a scree of delight. “IT WORKS!" “Well, of course it works, Jon,” said Chiang. “It always works, when you know what you’re doing." (and even when you don't)

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