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Originally Posted by Lord_Viskey
They are called earthbound because they are stuck in the astral realm - which is the plane of emotions. The emotional/astral plane is just next to the physical plane & anyone with self awareness knows how “emotionally” they can be attached to material things, so when we die , we are likely going to remain attached to the ghostly remnants of what we once knew in the physical plane. - i.e.: “earthbound”.

Being earthbound is also akin to saying that the entity also is being trapped by their “false emotions” - which, basically, are the emotions that “falsly” attach us to that which we are both “more familiar with” & that which is “not as pure” - we become the emotional being through our attachments to ego rather than to our spirit , and this keeps us tethered to the lower vibrational planes.

This is more or less correct.
It has to be said, many choose to stay in the non physical earth realm, to be close to their loved one, or are bound by attachments to them and often neither side is willing to detach, let go.
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