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Those that have passed can set off alarms turn on and off a tv or radio. I once had a phone call come in from someone where the phone line had been cut off. This pre dates the answering machine or call display ext. It was a call for help, with a name and address given, so I passed it along to the authorities.

It was a few days later that I got a call back to say "pranks can lead to charges" as that house was abandoned and the owner of it passed, there is no active phone in the house.

When it comes to making changes in the house, renovations, at times are noted by those that lived and loved the house. They at times feel that something is done they do not care for or feel they still have a say. At times its best to ask permissions to make changes to a home.

I had that with my home two woman that loved the house are still visitors at times here. One loved the roses that were planted here when the house was built in 1980 so I keep them well. The other woman had a passion for "wall paper" so when I came to find some rather "loud" paper under the paint in the kitchen I kept some of it and made a picture memory of it.

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