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Originally Posted by M.Tesla
hi everyone.

I am making this nifty poll to see what you all may think as I'm curious.

Are NDEs would you say they are...
1) healthy. (Because they can help one to gain perseoctive on life/death/rebirth/their place in life)
2) unnecessary for growth and finding out the truth

Are we NDEs would you say they are...
1) caused by the brain and body
2) an actual experience with the world of spirit

Are NDEs...
1) planned by the universe/soul/life path of the soul before birth
2) completely a random occurrence

Thank you.
Be well!

You say poll but I see nowhere to place any polling options. Tried to create a thread and yes the options to poll are supported by this content management system. Perhaps the poll is broken or you just didn't add one.

You did not define NDE and looking it up at Wikipedia probably won't help. What I am quite sure of also by looking at the questions is that whatever the term NDE defines, it fails to pass the scientific method.

But even without knowing the definition I feel able and bored enough to state the obvious.
What we believe can't be proven and is merely speculation and what we can prove may be proven otherwise and was merely belief.
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