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Originally Posted by Ca-yield
Hello I want to talk about afterlife and what you believe, is it real? what happens if I kill myself rather than die of other reasons? what places would I go and am I a ghost?
First, there is ample evidence available from Near Death Experiences to ever growing regression research, supporting the fact that there is indeed life after death. NDEs strongly support the idea that our consciousness is far more alert and intelligent than what we work with here on Earth. The soul leaves the body at the instant of death, and has its own "body." But the soul's body is non-physical. It is composed of conscious energy. It's hard for most of us, being so tuned in to the physical reality around us, to imagine being part of and from a reality that is totally energy--having no atomic material whatsoever in it. But that's the reality.

You selected your parents & many of the maor events in your present life BEFORE you were born. You made a contract with your teacher & guardian souls to come here & live through the life you planned with them. Suicide to avoid finishing that life is frowned upon, and often results in being obliged to recycling back into another life with similar challenges, to try and make better choices. So suicide doesn't releive the pain. It simply shifts it into another subsequent life. Better to deal with those challenges now--successfully--than be stuck doing it again later and wasting another life.

Remember life is a learning experience. Everything you face is there to help you grow. Hang in there and stick it out. Continue learning.
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