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Originally Posted by Vietislav
Most of us have this idea that when we pass to spirit, we'll find that our physical ailments and disabilities are left behind along with our physical bodies and that once we're in spirit, our spirit bodies will be 'whole'. Likewise, we believe that people with mental health problems will be of sound mind in spirit, even though they may take some while to adjust.

But what of, say, people who in life have been so severely autistic that they've never even had a chance to be 'normal' at any stage in their earthly lives and who therefore can't go back to normal when they reach the spirit plane? And what of folk who in this life had Down Syndrome? In their own particular way, people with Down Syndrome are perfectly 'normal', so why would they suddenly metamorphose into people they've never previously been when they pass to spirit? Would they not just remain the same easy-going people they were in this life?

And what of people who in this life were deaf, dumb, blind and paralysed right from birth? Would they become newborn babies in the next life and finally be allowed to grow up and become 'normal' adults? Or would they be reincarnated immediately on this plane as newborn babies, so they could go round the system again and be regular folks this time?

As far as I know, the human experience, in all of its millions of variations, is a vehicle only for the expression of certain qualities and learning. It's a vehicle. Not the sum total of that Being. A Soul in the spirit dimension is usually a lot more than the temporary body/personality it chooses as a vehicle while on Earth (or any other dense manifestation.)
It "steps into" the experience, and steps out of it at death. Of course there are many aspects of the life just lived which have to be adjusted to or out of. But Souls can if they want, also carry with them aspects of that character. But that is partly a choice.
That's why we will always recognise a loved one we meet in spirit, and find that they do show many characteristics of their former lives.
But we will also see a larger perspective of them, a more complete version.

But I think many Souls who choose unusual and hard lives on Earth (such as someone with extreme autism etc) are likely to be rather advanced Souls who spiritually are able to cope with such energies for learning and/or teaching purposes. When they return, they return to their Soul awareness, and the knowledge gained, and the service performed, etc.
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