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Originally Posted by SlayerOfLight
I don't think it's always a personal choice though, especially if there's no benefit to it. Life is like russian roulette and some people just happen to be unfortunate.

It may or may not be....however, there is always something to learn...and so I feel personally, it probably is a choice. Knowing what I know now as a mother of an autistic plays a huge role in our development and our growth. We have everything we need, we don't live by the laws of nature anymore. We have gone off course, and while we are trying to help and heal ourselves, the smaller things which are actually huge, we don't think too much breastfeeding infants, medicine, and our diets. There's alot more to Autism than neurology can fix....I see all these people weiting about what causes Autism, depression, and other has slot to do with our lifestyles. People think our spiritual side is measured by our thoughts and actions, but it also has to do with the laws of nature, and doing biologically, and spiritually what we are biologically to do....eating from the earth, is just one of them, breast feeding infants is another....bottle feeding should o ly be done in certain circumstances....and medicine the same. Our bodies are miraculous healers, if we live right.
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