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I'm just so intrigued by the idea of coming back as my twin sister. I know she doesn't exist within this reality and I do already have an older sister (who just got married) but I really want to relive this life because:

1. Physical time travel (to the past) is not possible or it is possible, but difficult and doesn't work exactly like it does in the movies (i.e. Back To The Future)
2. I don't like the idea of my next life taking place in the future. It's already bad enough that I don't get along with a lot of people online and that makes me wish I around as a kid, back in the 1950s. Theoretically, if I was born in 1948; it would actually be 1978 (at least for me).
3. There's my gender issues I explained countless times, and if I had a twin sister, that would've probably been fixed, but not the Autism.
4. I missed out on a lot of stuff like college and I don't have my driver's license.
5. My sister and cousins have gotten married and are having kids and I feel empty, because of that.
6. I haven't had many friends in my adulthood, only one and that's it.
7. People on the internet wouldn't treat me like **** if didn't have such an awful disability! In fact a lot of Autists YouTubers are treated with disrespect, thanks to some guy whose name that sounds like "Christian". People even go far to compare me to that person and that ****es me off!
8. I'm very picky about where I want to work, so Hollywood would be a perfect opportunity to make something out of my life.
9. Reliving this life with a twin would be really interesting, unlike living a next life in the future, where things will be 10X worse than they are, today.
10. Sometimes I feel like I wish I was a girl, yet other times I'm fine with being a boy and having a twin of the opposite gender might fix that. As my soul needed to vessels to possess; male and female.

My animated series is the only reason why I'm not dissatisfied with being a boy. Theoretically, I could've had a better life as a female since the chances of getting Autism (at least back in 1988) were pretty low, for girls. Also, I still could've been a girl gamer, I know this because one of my childhood friends is a girl gamer. Not saying that my existence as a boy is a lie, but things will get bad for me, if my show isn't greenlit soon!
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