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I think it's unusual for people to reincarnate right after they die. I think we usually wait a period of time before reincarnating, such as 50 years or more. And I base this assumption on Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon's books. They're both hypnotists that have regressed thousands of people to past lives and live between lives. So I would be suspicious of any being trying to tell me I need to reincarnate right away.

I've heard the term archon is just another name for what some people call demons, or jinn, but I'm not sure.

If the archons really do recycle souls and keep them reincarnating, there has to be a reason for it. And I think the reason would be that they feed on fear and negative (low vibration) energy, which they call loosh. So they're essentially using us as batteries like they do in the movie the matrix. Also in the movie Monsters Inc, the monsters in that movie scare children and feed on their fear.

So if that is really what they're doing, I'm thinking they probably don't trick everybody, but just those people who are in a low vibrational state. Like those who have done something like rape or murder people and who have a lot of guilt around it. Because those would the easiest people to trick. And after all the archon's are feeding off of their low vibrational energies so it makes sense that they would want to keep them around.

Apparently they can't force anybody to reincarnate, since we have free will, but they could convince those people that it's in their best interest to do so for karmic reasons. So they could convince them that they are their spirit guide and they need to reincarnate and experience being rapped because they rapped someone in your last life and need to balance the karma. So I'm thinking that is the trick we need to avoid more so than the light.

I actually created a post on this very topic a while back on another forum if anybody wants to read that:
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